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About Us 

Who Are We?

We are a grassroots organization called the Multinational Coalition.  We are comprised of concerned U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, foreign nationals from many countries, and others united in our mission to raise awareness about the toxic "Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants" bill (S386). We represent a wide spectrum of people across the globe who would suffer if these misguided bills became law.

We strive to educate members of Congress and press them to reject these threatening bills. We regularly meet with lawmakers in Washington, D.C., who may be unaware of the legislation's full impact or long-term consequences.  The vested interests who stealthily push this legislation never disclose such information and they utilize questionable tactics to manipulate and misrepresent themselves as a means to obtain Congressional support.  Those who advocate for this legislation work against the best interests, and without the consent, of impacted American citizens.

We want to expose the root cause of this problem: One country (India) alone is oversubscribed and is currently exceeding the 7% annual Green Card limit. Big and
deep-pocketed business interests have exploited the H-1B visa program, and Indian Nationals have used dubious petitions and fraudulent means to press this legislation and try to get around the mandated limit. Congress wisely set the country cap at 7% to ensure diversity in our immigration policy and prevent one country from monopolizing available Green Cards. If S 386 becomes law, nationals from only one country will monopolize employment-based (EB) Green Cards for more than the next decade.


Our effort was founded by a US Citizen, Ms. Adele Smith, along with a core group of other dedicated individuals from several foreign countries around the world.  Collectively, we wholeheartedly believe in protecting diversity in our skilled legal immigration systems so that foreign nationals from all countries can come to work in the US and have a chance at their American Dream.  Our group works tirelessly towards the effort to preserve ethnic, skill and industry diversity in our skilled legal immigration system.  

Ms. Adele Smith:  Multinational Coalition Team Director

Michael Emmons:   Team Adviser

For More Information on how you can help us:  

You can reach Ms. Smith at email address Adele@skilledcoalition.org, follow her on Twitter at @The_Americat or contact her through the pink chat button below to the right. 

We welcome everyone into our organization and need volunteers to help us organize events, pass out flyers, send emails and attend meetings.  

Help us stop S 386.  Join our cause.

Fight to keep the American Dream alive—for everyone.

DOWNLOAD our white paper positioning statement on why H.R. 1044/S. 386 should never pass

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